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27th-Dec-2010 02:45 pm - Xmas
Hi friends,
I finally got my pc back: I have a Micosoft Vista so it is always damaged -___-''
I hope that it will last some days ... I really hope so!
Sorry if I didn't send any mails to you ... but as I said, my pc was broken. Now that it is fixed, I want to post some pics of my Xmas presents ... well they are not "a lot" but I  liked them very much ^^

This is the Xmas tree (my mother and my sister decorated it this year)

This is an amazing book that my boyfriend's parents gave to me. It is about landscapes of Edo (Japan) ... a sort of illustration handmade book.

One of the best presents ever: Ipod 160Gb via boyfriend. I will never be able to complete its memory ah ah ah I love this thing so bad *_*
(sorry for the low quality of the pic!!)

A very nice Calvin Klein bag via boyfriend. I will use it when I'll go to university in February ^^

A Japanese oil for the body from my little sister: she has been so nice!

Gosh I simply adore this book!!
My ultradorable friend Weiss gave it to me!
As you know, I don't like Gaga's music so much ... but I like her as person and, most of all, I adore her outfits.
This book is just awesome, it is full of images and it is also well written.
Maybe I can take this chance for making a Gaga cosplay definitely >__>

My parents gave to me a Desigual tshirt but I am too lazy for taking a picture now *sorry*

*merry Xmas*
27th-Dec-2010 02:27 pm - Al Azif
As I promised, I am posting some of the pics of my last cosplay


from Demonbane

(Thanks to Luca ADAMAN for the pics ^^)

on the stage

13th-Dec-2010 10:49 am - Verona Comics (12/12/2010)
Yesterday I went to Verona with my friend Weiss for a cosplay expo.
I woke up at 6.00 am and just wanted to die because the night before I went to Milan with my boyfriend and we went to bed *very late*.
Btw I found the strengh to go to the station and catch the train.
The palace where tha expo took place was very big (maybe the biggest place I ever seen for cosplay events after Cartoomics, btw I have never been to Romics, which is the biggest one, only second to Lucca comix).
The stage was *huge* ! During the presentation of my character, I was so shy that I did nothing on it ;___; *what an idiot I am*

I have not pics yet.
A photographer (now) friend of mine (Called Luca ADAMAN Pirovano) took me several pics, so I am waiting for them ^^
I have also bought some things (sorry for the low quality):

Read more...Collapse )

Hope to post some pics as soon as I can :-)
2nd-Dec-2010 10:13 pm - Fumettopoli - november 2010
Say hi to


[manga version - Trinity Blood]

me and my friend Weiss cosplaying Delphine from Dream of doll (original doll character)

me on the stage ^///^

me, Pamela (one of the first Italian cosplayer, visit her here: http://www.pamelacolnaghi.com/) and my sister

my sister cosplaying Karen fron Mermaid Melody (costume made by me)

Andrea, my sister's boyfriend. He was cosplaying Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. This is his first cosplay ever, we made the costume together ... it has been a nice experience ^__^

I really enjoyed this experience, even if the expo was so bad made that I cannot tell :-(
Btw I had the chance to spend a whole day with old friends (Enki, Pamela and her family, my old nice friend Sara and her boyfriend) and new ones (Federica di Nardo: http://federicadn.deviantart.com/ she is amazing!)

I will be at Verona Comix the second Sunday of December as Al Azif <3

18th-Oct-2010 03:52 pm - working on two cosplay costumes ...
Hallo !
Just wanting to share something about the two costumes I am working on. The first one is mine and (I think) it is the hardest of the two ;__;

The "nazi dress" LOL
Sorry for the low quality :-( I took this pic with my sis's mobile phone ...
I am also building the little dagger of my character :

I have a lot of work to do :-(

I am also making a costume for my sister.
I am planning of going to a cosplay expo in Milan called Fumettopoli at the end of November.
I must admit that I don't like thi expo at all :-(
But, since I have no time for going to a lot of cosplay meeting, I will go to this one in order to meet some friends ^^

Well, I don't like the style of this character ... but my sister loves her so I do it as an excercise >_>
She is Karen from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (マーメイド メロディー ぴち ぴち ピッチ, Māmeido Merodī Pichi Pichi Picchi)

I bought some fabrics in Milan last week :

Btw I love these colors, they are so shining and glittering. I think that these fabrics are the better version of these costumes :

[pic via Giorgiacosplay]

The saddest thing of this costume is that the microphone is impossible to find :-(
So it is also impossible to complete it at 100 % *so so sad*

15th-Oct-2010 05:41 pm - website
Every cosplayer wants a own website. If you are a cosplayer you know it.
Btw I don't have one yet :-(
I looked for a nice web desinger for ages ... but the problem has always been the cost : a cosplay website is very expensive.
At the end I said to myself "Gosh, Noy you know a great internet artist and you don't ask her for a cosplay website" :-s
This person is my amazing friend lolipanda </span> :

She is well know in the internet gore scene thanks to her website :


I love Marisol: she one of the nicest person of the world.
Now she is working on my personal cosplay website and I cannot wait to see it online.
I just want to show you a little preview of the home page she sent to me:

heavy picCollapse )

Her style is quite different from the ones of the usual cosplay website. Btw I like it a lot just because it's nice, it's different and it's personal.
These are some examples of "ordinary" Italian cosplay websites :


I am not a great cosplayer ;_; But I hope you will like my works instead of it.

Talking about cosplay.
In my latest post I put some pics of the Romics winners (and not only them). Other pics here :

the winners *_*

these are their websites :


Other pics of the fantastic Shadow Lady cosplay of Aura Nuccio :

One of my favourite Italian cosplayer, Tatiana Motta :


Giulia Ghersi, she is amazing :

I don't know if she has a website ... she is terrific, isn't she?


I am working on a new cosplay dress too ... I went to Milan with a friend of mine for cosplay sshopping last week. Now it's time for the making of LOL

This sort of necklace is driving me crazy.
I wanted to make it with forex ... but it's impossible because it's in 3 dimensions XD so I cannot use it :-( Sad sad sad !!!
Btw I'll use forex in order to make some parts.
Hope to upload new pics soon ^///^

15th-Oct-2010 04:53 pm - new era

btw if you want to read my old posts you have to add me as friend and wait until I'll add you back
2nd-May-2008 04:17 pm - friends only

This LJ is FRIENDS ONLY now.

I will add back only few people, I am sorry

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