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25th-Jun-2011 11:23 am
Yesterday I passed a *huge* exam called Sociology of communication ... *_* I am so happy that I cannot tell!!!
I was sure that I would never pass this exam ... it was really hard and I studied it in a little time ... but I got 27/30 XD
I am a *genius* (joking!!)
So now I want to make myself some presents from Ebay ... like wigs etc ...

I decided two of my next cosplay: they will be of the same person (not a character) and one is for a private photoset only. I just talked with Cesare Marino and I think we will make a nice job tegether. It will be 90% about make up ... but I will be a *monster* ah ah ah :-)
The second one (yes, I am not going to show you my first costume :-P) is taken from Judas video and the costume is one of the great designer Alex Noble:

Well ... the boots are the things that scare me a lot XD They are Alexander McQueen ones (my love!!!) but they are very difficult to "custumize" ;___; I will see ...
I am sad fr just one thing: Marisol will not finish my website because I need money :-(
I am going to Venice for the Film Festival (99% sure) ... plus I want to do something just for one week with my boyfriend: it's barelly one entire year that I do nothing because I have to study ;___; I want some relax or my brain will implode!!
Btw I have a new profile on DeviantARThttp://noycosplay.deviantart.com/

Plus .... at the end I made some pics of some of my action figures >_<
I hope you like them <3

27th-Jun-2011 12:24 am (UTC)
marisol babypanda??
27th-Jun-2011 08:40 am (UTC)
Yes, her^^
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